About us

Fami, company specialising in the manufacture of industrial fittings, has been one of the European leaders in the production of plastic containers. For decades, its containers are being used in every market sector: from mechanics to automotive, food distribution, services and electronics.

More and more system integrators and companies demand mini-load and mini-shuttle systems: the success of e-commerce, the just-in-time to reduce supplies, the outsourcing of components of the supply chain, impose particular attention to the different protagonists of the logistic chain, in order to guarantee efficiency and competitiveness to those that make use of them.

Fami noticed this new market need and decided to offer its experience and competence through a specialised brand:


Familog, the embodiment of a simple Italian idea: believing in what you do.

Thank you all.
Thank you because it is always a great honour to showcase the results of our teamwork.

A team of technical designers, who have listened to market demands and translated them into finished products.

A team of toolmakers, who allowed us to improve the performance of our moulds and delivered maintenance services to keep them in their original condition, just like the first day they were used.

A team of mould machine operators, who invest every day their time and energy to optimise manufacturing cycle times and product quality, as well as constantly monitoring production.

A logistics team in charge of checking the product before shipping and making sure it reaches its destination in perfect condition and at exactly the right time.

We should also thank the owners, who believe in the Familog project, not only because of the results it achieves, but for its drive for constant innovation. But, most of all, we have to thank our customers, who continue to believe in us and the quality of Italian manufacturing.

Gianluca Marzano
COO – Chief Operating Officer